Our story

The history of our foundation's team was no different. At 4 am on February 24, we, like the whole country, woke up from the explosions. At that time we didn't know each other yet, we decided to help Ukraine. We built fortifications, looked for first-aid kits and bulletproof vests, helped everyone we could. Then we started receiving humanitarian aid cars from England and Spain from our friends. We got involved in all the processes, delivered food to towns and villages that had been liberated from the russian occupiers, helped the Armed Forces, provided vehicles, and helped cover basic needs.

Realizing the importance of uniting under common goals and principles, we established a charitable foundation. Its main purpose is to help overcome the consequences of russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

We are a country that makes history. Our strength is in unity!


Iryna Sliusarenko founder
Olga Shylova volunteer Vinnitsa
Svitlana Dabizha volunteer Vinnitsa
Lana Yesman London UK
Karyna Sviderska volunteer Kyiv
Oleksandr Kyryliuk volunteer Vinnitsa
Ihor Zozulia volunteer Mykolaiv
John Fitchet London Uk
Sergeieva Juliia volunteer Vinnitsa
Ganna Turbal volunteer Vinnitsa
Maksym Kovtyn volunteer Vinnitsa
Ihor Dabizha volunteer Vinnitsa
Andrii Lymanets volunteer Vinnitsa
Sergeiev Sergii volunteer Vinnitsa
Pobigai Andrii volunteer Vinnitsa
Petrenko Sergii volunteer Vinnitsa
Vaschev Maksym volunteer Kyiv
Чорна Яна волонтер Вінниця
Чорний Вадим волонтер Вінниця
Онофрійчук Олександр волонтер Вишневе


-The most effective assistance to the Armed Forces to combat the enemy;
-Help civilians affected by hostilities;
-Assistance to Ukraine in overcoming the consequences of Russia's aggression.