Ukrainians make history

On February 24, 2022, Ukraine woke up from explosions and a full-scale war began. Our team started working from the first day of the war helping the Armed Forces and civilians in the fight against the enemy.
The support of every Ukrainian is very important, because it allows us to help as many people as possible.
Join our common victory!

Who are we?

We are Ukrainians for whom "Ukraine above all" is not just words.
Working as volunteers, it became clear to us that our strength and invincibility are in unity.
Together and with common goals and values we founded “The Code of Life.UA” Charitable Foundation..

What we do


“The Code of Life.UA” Charitable Foundation provides assistance to the Armed Forces and civilians.Together with our friends from all over the world, we were able to hand over trucks and cars, medical supplies, ammunition and the necessary devices that bring our victory closer to the needs of the army. Realizing the damage that russia is doing to Ukraine every day, we are helping the civilian population affected by the enemy. Our number one task is to help our country fight the enemy and bring our victory closer. Helping at least one person is a small victory that we gain together.
“The Code of Life.UA” Charitable Foundation cooperates with Ukrainian and foreign foundations, organizations and citizens. Our team is not indifferent people of different specialties, from different cities and countries, who are confident in our common victory.
We are strong, we are free, together we will win..